I Was So Freakin’ Fed Up, I Quit My Job!

23 years ago, that is. The last W-2 form I received from an employer was dated January, 1994. And I have never looked back! There is nothing more exhilarating* than stepping out on a journey, committed to sinking or swimming based only on the value that I could provide to other people.


I was philosophically opposed to accepting charity or welfare, and I had next to nothing in startup resources. Prudent people will tell you that is a foolish way to start a business. Fortunately for my wife and three children, my foolishness was outweighed by my grit, determination and stubbornness. And my passion.

My passion – to help others do or become more than they thought possible – had long manifested as a desire to help small businesses utilize technology in a way that would provide them with a distinct competitive advantage.

Working for technology companies, I made my living analyzing problems, finding systemic weaknesses, designing systems and solutions and implementing them in order to help the businesses operate more effectively. As a self-employed consultant, I continued the same sort of work, but now I had another client – myself.

22 years of self-employment gave me the perfect opportunity to crystallize the philosophy of personal achievement that I have laid out in my first book, The Achievement Protocol (available where books are sold!).

The passion that I have, the one I discovered in my late teens, still drives me today. Even as I reach out into other directions, not related to specific technologies.

If you haven’t yet discovered your passion, I encourage you to spend some time thinking about it. It will be the most rewarding discovery you will ever make. Please explore http://adhocpress.com for more information and resources on how you can live a more fulfilling, passion driven life.

*My son, magician Wayne Houchin, once stepped off a platform 165 feet above the pavement with an ripped, ‘repaired’ and untested bungie cord tied to his ankles… all to delight his Discovery Channel audience. I suppose that could be more exhilarating, but I’ll never know for sure!