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Our world is entering a new phase.  The children in our classrooms will be faced with challenges unlike those at any other time in our planets history. It will be critical for them to have the skills they need, not only to survive, but to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

These presentations will motivate and inspire students and teachers alike, to achieve at higher levels than they ever thought possible.  They will understand the reasons for failure and the role that experiencing  failure plays in achieving success.  They will learn why different points of view exist  and why their point of view is as important as anyone else's.

They will leave the presentation knowing, that they have the ability to achieve at high levels and that they will be able to actively engage in assuming their role in our future.

Choose the school program that  best suits your needs or work with our development team to create a fully customized presentation or training experience that will have your students and teachers performing at their highest levels and striving to perform even better!

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  • Middle School Motivation

    Middle School is a difficult transition for so many students.  This presentation demonstrates to them that they are really are not alone in any of their trials or tribulations.  I discuss my own challenges in Middle School and show them how to dig deep and find their core inner-strength that can be used to face any challenge that they encounter – in school or in life. Students will hear about one student that had a dream of becoming a magician.  Today, at the age of 33, he has performed in dozens of countries on nearly every continent, travels the world each year, created and sold new magic effects, hosted a show on the Discovery Channel for two seasons and continues to inspire young magicians and young students throughout the world.  Your students or fellow teachers may have heard of him, Wayne Houchin, my son.

  • High School Horrors

    High School is often that place where students learn

    “It’s not all about me… It’s all about what the popular kids think of me!”

    Students will be delighted to hear about other people that had similar challenges in High School, survived it and went on to have stellar careers and impact the world in significantly positive ways.  They will learn how to reframe their experiences so that they can achieve their greatness that lies just under the surface, waiting to be discovered.

  • College Commencement

    College Graduation is more than an the important milestone.  It is more than the end of a long educational career.  It is more than a new beginning.  It is a critical, often perilous juncture between a life as an accomplished student and a life as a productive citizen.

    Until now, many students have pursued their education with the intent of landing a job. But soon they will come to  realize that the job is actually secondary to having a robust vision of the future.  The job is just a tool to help bring that vision into reality.

    Graduates will leave this ceremony armed, not only with inspiration, but with practical tools that will enable them to step boldly into the future and embrace their new world with zeal.

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Our company managers most definitely benefited from the Myers-Briggs sessions! The only complaint was they wanted MORE!

Pamela Pitts The California Parks Company

Awesome presentation!  Great research, very informative.  Kept everyone engaged - good humor. Wasn't sure what to expect... I was pleasantly surprised.

Annual Conference Attendees Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas

Excellent insights! Gave me a better understanding of issues I am dealing with at work.

Conference Attendees RSA Annual Security Conference, San Francisco
Get More Information Now!

Please send the information

I’d like to learn more about the presentations you have to offer.  Please contact me at this email address.

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